Our firm is based on the following strategy:

Invest in Growth

Anthos invests in growth businesses. We take an owner perspective approach to investing. That is, we invest for the long-term, don't manage on a quarterly basis, and support business decisions that create value. We seek entrepreneurs and managers with similar outlooks for their businesses.

Partner with Entrepreneurs

We want to work with people we respect and trust, and we expect our partners to feel the same way. We think of an investment as the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership - we will remain hands-off operationally, but commit our time and resources to assisting entrepreneurs grow their companies.

Add Value through Advice and Relationship Network

At an entrepreneur's request, we are active, engaged investors. We will help add immediate value by leveraging our experience and relationship network to help portfolio companies execute on their opportunity sets. Our nimbleness and size match the companies we invest in, and is important because it allows us to dedicate the necessary resources to being effective partners and contributing to the success of those businesses. Collectively, our team has substantial experience at leading institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Summit Partners, InterWest Partners, Starbucks, and Under Armour. From these experiences, we have built a vast knowledge base and relationship network. Companies with which we partner will realize an immediate and substantial benefit from both of these assets.

Specifically, we will add value in the following areas:

  • Serving as a strategic sounding board when a company is considering growth initiatives such as geographic expansion and product line extensions
  • Contemplating and executing acquisitions
  • Examining and executing future financings
  • Leveraging our relationship network to identify and recruit additions to the management team
  • Leveraging our relationship network to gain access to key customers and suppliers
  • Enhancing business operations by instilling best-practices and assisting with finance, sales, and other important functions